Thursday, April 10, 2014

A While

Hai April! Tau tak bithday I bulan ni? ha ha ha

Macam dah lama sangat tak update.

Just for your information, blog ni masih hidup. Cuma jarang sangat dah update.

Mostly because of the time constrain and technical thing such like recent application just makes me ignore blogging for a while.

But don't worry. Seindah Dunia Kita akan terus hidup.

Especially when it comes to cool and fresh movies that I watched.

1. Captain America. Plotnya laju namun tersangkak pada perkembangan wataknya. Might be a sequel soon? Time will tell.

2. Nymphomaniac. Sebuah filem unik Lars Von Triers. Not totally about SEKS tapi juga tentang depresi seseorang dalam mengawal naluri terbesar lumrah manusia iaitu nafsu dan seks. Filem ni mudah fahan berbanding Melancholia. (Remarkable seks scene oleh Kristen Dunst di tengah padang bola. ha ha)

3. Someone that you can share all your moments with and keep supporting you in what forms you are. Thank you for having a wonderful year with me.

4. Sudah tonton Sejoli: Misi Cantas Cinta di Astro First. Santai, ringan dan cinta yang menggigit. Bront hebat seperti biasa dan Maya, imitasi pada seorang lelaki sangat menjadi. Sik sabar mau nunggu Jwanita!

The best pre birthday gift ever. Thanks all! Love yall!


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