Saturday, October 24, 2009


Salam readers;

After with so damn hectic days, plus with a refreshing blog page in nearly thirty so called minutes, I managed to update it regularly. Sounds funny rite?!. Just don't wanna touch on that part. Because when I touch it, my mouth automatically can be foul!

The plan that I've thought can be realize before fasting month considered failed. Dammit!. With so many ass-ments, final project paper plus with so many drama in my life, could be a catalyst into that failed plan.

To all my friends that i promise to involve into that volunteer project, I'm really sorry ya. Sometimes what we've plan doesn't get an "approval" from an Above!. You know..the One who observe our life, as He never fail when it come towards in matter of dead and alive!

Its called "fate". People, sometimes may refer it as "unlucky". Whichever it is, I accept it truthfully!

Indera:--)One failed plan conjure to another plan!


azman said...

aku rasa, dangdut tu dipandang rendah sebab is sinonim ngan indon. Banding ngan muzik lain, hiphop misalnya, serta merta org kaitkan ngan Barat.
and biasaklah, dek org kita pandang tinggi pada barat, semua nampak baguih, hebat, terkini.

lagi satu, dangdut ni nampak macam murahan sebab artis nya nak kena pakai sendat, ketat, pastu gelek2 bontot...aku takpastilah sudah setara dengan aksi pembukaan tarian2 erotik..

Tapi pun, ssduah demikian rendah tafsiran org kita pada dangdut, artis dangdut sndri pun tak jaga imej, xtaujaga diri daripada disabit gosip2 murah dan bodoh..menampakkan lagi kemurahan imej muzik tu lagi..

sekian, saya melapurkan dari tanjung aru

Indera said...

azman --)thanks for dropping by azman.komen balas ada di entry dang..dang dut.hoho


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