Friday, September 25, 2009


Happ Eid!

I would like to say that the sparks for the most upcoming badass dark-comedy Desperate Housewives may slopping down a little bit. You know, the feelings when your heart kinda like butter sliding down a hot toast-when you've heard wonderful news. The warm sensation that suddenly turn cold unexpectedly, when the news is actually bad. Sigh!

Its a tradition for me to download a promo video, especially when the new season will be premier on ABC network in the US. I used to observed the creativity by the most well known advert directors in making this critically acclaimed series promotional video so, as a result, the viewers will know a little clues and hints.

Unfortunately, for this upcoming 6th installment, I rather think that maybe ABC didn't have a "fat" budget in making such a tremendous yet brilliant promo. Hell ya, first they RIP Edie Britt for the sake of so called character development. Then, they have made this cincai promo by using Shakira's She Wolf as a song (its only my personal thought, not others).

What have they done?. The characters doesn't portray so much on costume they wore. I've look forward the promo picture on youtube, a few weeks ago and the promo video.... was so fcuking horrible Sangat kartun!

I dunno if its only a teaser and sooner will come another well creative promotional video. Just cross your fingers, peeps!. Hope they'll realize that the promo was actually a total crap!. Frankly, I like season 4 promo. Very dark yet classy!

I like the tagline as well. Always juicy as ever!

Indera:--) Love to see another dark and juicy housewives!2 more days for a new mystery..


epol said...

whoa..bro,die hard fan DH nampak..hehe nway,mmg agak cincai pon..tak rasa cam sesuatu yg baru je utk season 6 nie.. :p

**actually,aku layan sampai season 2 aje..pastu penat nak menyambung..kui3 nway,slamat hari raye bro :)

Indera said...

epol --)oh ko layan jugak ye DH?hohoho.tula pasal.ada masalah ekonomi kot depa.anyway selamat hari raye epol.

p/s--)lama seh ko tak update:-)


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