Thursday, May 07, 2009


Alrite peeps, the above topic literary means Aku vs Daging. As for starter, this n3 may look like an educational thingy, so depends on u if u wanna continue reading or not. For today, I just wanna share with all of u my lovely readers, bout me and meat as well. FYI, I was abandoned myself from eating meat and meat related stuff for about 2 years(almost 3 years this coming June). Rugi tak korang rasa?. Actually, it is not because of I’m allergic with meat but because of some health reason. Do u wanna know Y?

1) Meat can be divided into 2 types, which is Red Meat (Lembu, Kambing as well “ahem.. Vavi..ahem” in various parts like ribs, sirloin, tenderloin, etc.). The other one is White Meat like my fav Fish and Poultry. Both meats are rich in protein as well.

2)Red meat contains visible fat that need us to trim it before cook. The structure of red meat also comprises with soooo many connective tissues.

3) So medically speaking, it’ll lead to rectal cancer as well as colon cancer. May contribute to other diseases like obes, HBP, etc

4)Unfortunately, during festive of Hari Raya, I will not be able to eat meat stuff like my fav rendang.huhuhuhu. Sedey wooo…

Nutritionally, I’m quite practicing what I can called it Semi Vegetarian which only eating fish and chicken (white meat) and omit red meat. Some of my friends thought that I’m totally insane but I comfort with my food choice. For better, for worst, I’ll never regret!. Sorry ye peeps, if this n3 does make me look like Health Freak to you!. Ehehe..
So don’t typically think that vegetarian is about makanan arnab ok!. It’ll give benefit for ur own sake later in adulthood.

Indera:-)kadang2 term diet pon orang salah gunakan.huhuhuhu


farish izaryl @izreez said...

tringat cte smlm..ade sal dageng gak hahahah

Jiwa Berkarat said...


hmmm patut la sedap..

biasanya benda sedap ni bnyak menyumbangkan penyakit


Faizal Sulaiman said...

rizz--)citer apa tu ek rizz?ehehe. nak taw gak.

puteraArjuna--)ehehe, betol tu bro:-)
tq for dropping a comment!

saadah saadun said...

daging blh buat kita kna kanser..
one of d prof at husm told me that i should stop eatin' meat..
tp smtms aku mkn gak..

Faizal Sulaiman said...

betoi tu saadah.setuju sgt, (bukan part disadvantages of meat, tapi part u kata "terliur" tuh)

seyesh, time raya la paling seksa. nasib leh mkn ikan ngn aym. huhuhuhu..

Anonymous said...

kalu beefstick best per....

sate daging ker...

supo daging...

Faizal Sulaiman said...

mrHomosapienz--)hoho ko saje kecurkan aku.bahaha

NUke_Rude said...

hmm meat!

meat meat.

meat meta mate team mtea meet meetunclehussain.

td aku ad dinner. makan daging merah. sedap weh!

ko suka mkn dgg ke?

joegrimjow said...

ku tau minum shake ku akan sehat

Faizal Sulaiman said...

nuke--)ko jahat bro!.saje je kan nak umpan aku balik.bahaha

joegrimjoe--)shake apebenda ekk?milk shake ker?ehehehe


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