Sunday, May 10, 2009


Finally!!!aku bleh buat lompat bintang!! Agaga.. Just wondering when this semester will be end and 2 hours before this entry posted, it happened. The intro may be a bit melodic but beside this unpleasantness; I found many juicy details inside. I may describe it as “so-called disaster year” kind of!. Huhuhu..

Eventhough my 5th sem was always jumped up and down, with all kinds of projects and assignments, I’ve tried my best to fulfill it successfully. I didn’t care bout the marks that I’ll get later but I believed that with qualities of work, I 'll deserve a good marks as a return. Ehehehe.. I’m easy person, sometimes. U gives me low marks, eventhough I’ve tried like a dem hell, I’ll accept it and always be optimistic.

This sem also taught me with who my frens really are. Some will show u kindness, others will present u with a nasty shock. Yes, people change!. Talking bout people, I always wondered why some people can’t except “the professional works & how it be operate?”. I’m very choosy when it comes to work quality especially in group. But, I’m not that kind of Miranda Priestly-Devil Wears Prada type Ok!. It just nice if u completed what I’ve given without me correcting so many stupid mistakes here and there. Not only wasting my time, but also it looks very ridiculous doe!. Yes, you’ve done wrong I’ll yell at you. But try to understand it deeply becoz I’m just correcting u sincerely and thus, it’s very useful when u‘re going to face perfectionist predators in the real world out there later!.. It just a learning process and the knowledge i have should be share to one another. Betol x?

Overall, I do hope that I’ll get a successful result, definitely with flying colors one lah. Hahaha..
Yes, I always look forward in getting Dean List in my examination. Hopefully it’ll be true:-

Indera--) Next sem, I ‘ll try to be an angel and reduce my devilish attitude towards people who can’t except me and my so called perfectionist work. Is it hipokrita? (My Spanish version of hypocrite. Bahaha)


AkuAyie said...

you will get flying colours!!
Guna stabilo!


ahaha..wish u good luck and all the best..smoge dpt result warne2 terbang ye.ekeke

farish izaryl @izreez said...

wahh kmainn sukee dh cuti

Faizal Sulaiman said...

akuAyie--)hahahaha aku nak guna LUNA boleh?bahaha

Zahirah--)okei. rsesult ngan kaler2 beterbangan.muhaha

rizz--)x cuti gak rizz.nak wat ptime nak balik johor.huhuhu


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