Thursday, July 16, 2009


We are allowed to feel annoying when in state of boring or sort of depressions. Sometimes, we feel alienated by our own friends, families or even our lovers. They, on the other hand, might feel satisfied on whatever they give to us while we keep asking for a better compliment as a return.

Sometimes we keep asks:-

"Do my friends really care about me?"
"Do my lover loves me enough?"

"Is my partner began to forgot about me?"

"Did my parents abandoned me?"

These are the questions that sometimes happens in our life. Like it or not, we should accept it. Sometimes, it maybe because we are too lonely, too faithful, too kind to others, too generous or we just like other people dominate in our life and controlling every inch of our decision making and even look us like a piece of trash!.

Until a time comes, they will realize, we are actually is a piece of gem that have been forgotten for so long...

And they will feel regret coz putting us in a hard situations.

Indera:---)Life is a full of surprises. Don't be shock when someone need you, they will treat you well, loves you a lot. But if you were not need, they leave you and forgotten about you.

Always be optimistic in live. Try to enjoy to be individualistic. Its kinda fun coz you will not rely on everyone...


shamimi said...

Btol2. Kdg2 gua pn tfikir jgk. But im still going wit the flow whether i liked or not. Just been myself and try to improve in any situation dat i faced it everyday.

cik kedondong said...

sometimes we need to have a different friend..kalo kite kne abandoned dgn kwn ni,we still have another friend..xpe la pejal..kalo ak de buat slh,mintak maaf byk2.

Indera said...

shamimi--)u re right momo.just follow the flow kan?

Indera said...

cik kedondong --)thanks for ur advice.maybe ada war silap tapi mungkin tak sedar:-)

CikYana(",) said...

agree with u
i have a lot of friends
but not all of them appreciate me as friend

"kwn tika senang..ramai"
"kwn tika beberapa je"

FERDAUSferdy Buthaks said...

btol2...mcm ko ngan aku la indera. ko suka buat aku mcm ni.... sedih aku.kata nk hdp semati tp ko nk sehidup je sama2 tp bila mati ko nk aku mati dulu lak.... =(

NUke_Rude said...

hmm.. hard times!

waktu keras?
waktu susah?

biasa lah, ada masa senang.
semua org datang.

ada masa susah.
semua org menghilang.

tapi, sebelum kita menilai org,
nilai diri sendiri.

adakah kita pun berpelakuan sebegitu thdp org lain?

Tepuk dahi, geleng kepala
Tepuk la lagi, dan kau tahu lah kenapa...

Indera said...

CikYana(",)--)thats what we call life.

Indera said...

FERDAUSferdy Buthaks--)ish ko kan, saja jew.manader doe

Indera said...

NUke_Rude --)thanks bro.

Kotak Hati said...

x taw nape..
bnyk blogger yg sye singgah kbnykn de prob ngn kwn..
me too!! hu3

Indera said...

Kotak Hati--)hye shazwan.thanx for dropping by.hahaha..wat masa ni personally sy blom ada masalah ngn kawan2 lagi. Topik just berunsur general saja.trimas sebab singgah yer!


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