Monday, July 20, 2009


Salam readers. For those who know me better, they may know my interest in books and the way I obsessed with it. Aku rasa kalau takde buku, aku bleh mati kot. hahahahaha..

I buy this book from MPH, SACC Mall, one of my favorite bookstore instead of Popular and Haris, situated at Jusco Teberau, JB. I crave for this book for so long because it actuallly came from the fresh idea from all the talanted and young writers besides bravely wrote the recent issues based on their point of view.

I like the way they express all their feelings through it besides, they know how to capture the young readers (ahem..ahem like me---)koya mudo nate nih.hahaha) with their own sense of humor that actually meet a young trend.

This book called "New Malaysian Essays Part 2"

This book comprised with 10 chapters which containing different topics. I like "The Khutbah Diaries" and really understand the foto of "Aku, Hang dan Demo" and really agreed with Andrew Ng's-"A Cultural History of the Pontianak Films".

This writing piece is really go deep into Malaysian social living and may touch some sensitive issues that already prohibit for us to discuss it publicly. Frankly, I own this book not because of some matter of we-should-not-know-that-part but I love to have it as a medium to excell my language. I adore all writers who put some effort to contribute some critical thinking towards what happens in our country beneath their own opinion.

P/S--)Really searching for "New Malaysian Essay Part 1". I looked over MPH and Popular but I coudn't find it. Sapa ada???.hehehe

Indera:--) New level of excitement...


AkuAyie said...

try and google it. u might find it in lelong or ebay. haha

cik intanurulfateha said...

.wahh gud
.rajin mmbace
.ulat buku :)

RobinHood said...

i'm one of the author for that books!

p/s: Just Kidding!

The Moon Hapiz said...

betul cik akuayie. mende ape la xde kt ebay tue.. kan2??? mr indera, blog ko seems popular laa. bagi tip ckit.. promote a aku yg naif nie.. :(

Indera said...

AkuAyie --)thanks ayie.aiyoh awat la aku tak tepikiaq lelaman tuh.hahaha

Indera said...

cik intanurulfateha --)ye cik intan. si apa jenis ulat pon tatau dah nih.hahahaha

Indera said...

RobinHood--) make me belive at first i read ur comment.:-)

Indera said...

The Moon Hapiz --)agreed wif ayie as well.popular?hahahaha..not so lah.

p/s--)rajin2 datang singgah ke blog orang lain and comment a little bit about their entry. folo la kalau suka.dan kalau mrk folo kamu semula, its okay.kalau tak, takpe. takde paksaan dalam mem"folo" blog okay.

keep up the good work:-)

cik kedondong said...

after you!!
ak da ckp dr lepas ko bli kan

Indera said...

cik kedondong --)takde halnyer lah!


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