Saturday, July 04, 2009


Hello korang!.
Just wanna inform that this blog will be pause for a moment.
Takde apa2 pun sebenarnya…
Cuma mungkin busy gilababas ngan pendaftaran semester baru di Puncak Alam, 5 Julai nanti..( esok dowh!)
Cepat seh masa berlalu..

Blog ni akan kembali diupdate bila dapat disesuaikan di tempat baru nanti.
Harapnya the internet connection will be function in good condition there, as they promise.
Takut ado jer nanti..
Leh la pakat reramai wat coir Janji Manismu!
(Hati membekuuu mengingatkan…)
(Kata janji manismu…ouh..ouh..ouh)
(Ku dilambung angan-angan..)
(Belaian kasih sayang suchi
(Oh kijamnyaaaaa)--------------------)Pergh tak bleh bla..syial!

Hah..merangkak la aku dalam bilik cari connection kang!

Hope what we imagine will be true as they promise
And most importantly, this semester will be the best compared to the previous one..
Hope so. (we should have a hope than there will come a faith..)

Indera:---)What goes around..comes around..


Bardboo said...

jom2 pg puncak alam..
memang harap sgt ase internet connection..
kalo x mati katak

CikYana(",) said...

selamat berkemas
insyaALLAH de la internet connection kt sne

lau xde..bosan la yana kt sni
xde teman nk borak nnt

all de best n chaiyok!!!!!

dark said...

sian awk bro..
kat puncak alam tu, sabtu ahad xde connection kan?ahakz!heehhe..

Faizal Sulaiman said...

bEEdLE d' bARd--)tau takper..huhu

CikYana(",) --)hope so:-)

dark --) ke dark?aiyoyoo


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