Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Hi peeps. Whatever you doing, please do not shock. Parental Guidance is advised!. Just joking lol!

Today I'll start my minor class at Shah Alam-the main campus which means I need to go here (Puncak Alam) and there to fulfill my course needs. Luckily my minor lecturer know about us and really appreciate that she understand what we face right now.

So guys, wait for the updates coz I need to wait a bus at 7am, something that I never did in my whole life when it come across with class attending!.But I guess it'll be a great experience though.
Furthermore, I didn't want to stand up in the bus and once you've been standing, u never get a seat.

Dahla jauh dowh!.

So, thats all for today and really hope that God will help me to get through my first week.

Indera:---) Que sera..sera...whatever will be..will be...


Unknown said...

welcome back to campus life...

farish izaryl @izreez said...

pg13 ktnya..:p

CikYana(",) said...

wah kul 7pg da nk kna tgu bas?
huhu xpela
bertahan la 4 diz sem okey

no more skip class oke

dark said...

aku suke gelakkan mangsa keadaan..
hehehe, gurau2 geng..
belajar,nk wat cmne kan?, tp, expenses ko btambah la kan?adess..

Faizal Sulaiman said...

Aisyah AR--)hehe same tu u lah.ahahaha

rizz --)haruslah rizz!.ganas woaa!!!

CikYana(",) --)tak skip dah.jadual dah okay.pengangkutan dah ada cuma bertambah bz lah.hahahaha

dark --)amboi ye dark!.nanti ko.hehehe..actually bus dalaman uitm so its free.cuma kena tunggu pagi2 la takut berebut.

CikYana(",) said...

bagusla kalo da xskip
study smart

this is ur final sem

Qarl said...


que sera sera

Faizal Sulaiman said...

CikYana(",) --)beres je cuma kena sesuaikan dengan new environment.ish mengada-ngada la plak aku nih.hehehehe

Faizal Sulaiman said...

I am Karl --)yes karl!.i hope for magic!.hehehe.nampak sangat aku suka berangan doe!

dark said...

nsb lerr free..ahakz!
>>out of topic>>bro, awak punye komen, aku nk copy pastekan kat next entry..bleh?saje wat projek ngan n3 tu..hehehe..mntak izin ni..lalaala..

NUke_Rude said...

selamat berstudy! :D

Faizal Sulaiman said...

NUke_Rude --)beres.apsal ko senyap bro.bizi ke?

Bulan Heedaya said...

u r in puncak alam???...interesting...coz Im gonna join u this December..huhu...( dont think I 'll like it)...

CikYana(",) said...

out of topic:-

i'm away 4 a week

i need 2 find myself

take care of urself

insyaALLAH i'll be back



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