Saturday, June 19, 2010


Its always like oldest said that we should’t forget about what we had on the past. But its true, sometimes we need to follow the rythm so that we coudn’t be miss any parts of our life.

To be honest, seriously i’ve abandont my FS (friendster) account and start to pull a new excitement in YMing, FBing, and absoultely my blog. Its true, all these three give me such a joy in social networking. Not to mention my tagged account was sort of forgotten. hahahaha..ya..i know i’m a little sucker.hehehe

But believed, i never closing my FS (friendster) account coz i know that most of my frens have it and its nice to see their life had been potrayed in this social applications.

Life is never been so tough if you know the right ingredients to mix it!

*This entry was taken from my FS account. Hey my mind really in the middle of nowhere now.hahahahaha


Paan Ovrtd said...

Haha! Friendster was soooo 2001! Tapi tu la dia antara social network pertama yg kita kenal, kan?

NUke_Rude said...

bagus la ko.

aku dlu pun mcm syg gak nk delete FS. tapi, bila dah terlalu "overloaded" dgn unknown ppl, n some more when we realize that we still nd some spaces for ourselves, we will still delete it.

bukan sebab nk jauhkan dri drpd kwn.

cuma mahukan ruang saja.


Faizal Sulaiman said...

Paan ---)hah yg ini benar.soo damn true!hehehe

Faizal Sulaiman said...

NUke_Rude ---)betul kan?kdg2 application tu sometimes tak sesuai ngan jiwa muda cam kita2 neh.hahahahaha

intanurulfateha said...

.i pun da lame gile x bukak fs T__T

mama ju said...

Salam anakanda

First time mama dtg sini.Tergerak lepas baca turun dr mimbar...

hehe mama dah baca isu takut kawin tu. Bagus ada perancangan...masing2 ada pendpt...Moga anakanda ditemukan jodoh yg dinanti, insyallah.


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