Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Its been quite a while i'm not write in English for my blog. I adore English so much because of its simplicity and practicality all the time. You see, poetry or even song that you've heard can give sort of impacts due to its emotion and straight-forward language used.

For me myself, that is a powerful tool to learn English and as a lecturer for a past three months, I always told my students how important English was. Whatever course you are taking, by the end of the time, when you nervously caught in an interview-all conversations will be in English. SOLID! And you will never skip into your mother tongue because it'll make you look weaker and some more become a victory for other candidates to get that job easier

Like it or not, you need to speak and learn it well.

FaizalSulaiman'sFootNote:---)Another intense episode of FARCIR. So many big Q and damnn I love to play puzzles!. Do click Aksara Keraian for the episode details before a major cliffhanger this coming Friday;). This time, someone really, I mean REALLY put his/her life in a peril

Meanwhile whoever interest in joining a contest specially for my blog, do click here.Good Luck guys!!!

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miss lolly a.k.a luvfareda said...

novel2 kat aksara keraian beshhh :D

Faizal Sulaiman said...

miss lolly a.k.a luvfareda ---)terima kasih miss lolly.keep on reading ok;)

NUke_Rude said...

haha. macam cara gak wat entry mat saleh skali skala...


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